What? “Notorious Southernland?”

I agree, my blog title probably creates more questions than clarity. And I just happen to like it that way. 😀

Seriously though, what does it refer to? The Confederacy? Nope lol.

The Notorious Southernland refers to the Kingdom of SĂșTHeNaiRa, and yes, the capital letters are intentional, because in the native script, it is spelled like this:


Well, that looks quirky. Let me explain a little bit: As you can see, the symbols are arranged in square-like formations. The corner parts correspond to the consonants S, TH, N and R respectively, while the middle parts represent the vowel sounds Ăș, e, ai and a. The single word, which is the name for the country, can also be decomposed into four words, which together form the composite whole:


While the intricacies of the language are fascinating, I shall leave them for another post. 😉

SĂșTHeNaiRa, or ‘Naira, as it is often shortened by both locals and foreigners, is so named for its geographic location in relation to the rest of the known world. To the north and west are other islands and continents, but to the south and east are only vast expanses of endless ocean, which no sailor has ever found an end to. ‘Naira iself is a concentric collection of islands, the remenants of an ancient supervolcano, and is blessed with a tropical and warm, if somewhat stormy climate, and beautiful, fertile ground, home to dense forests.

In this post we’ve just flown over the land and glanced down, but in another post I’m sure we can return, and fly closer to see some more details. For now, I hope you enjoyed reading, and byeee~ ^,,^