Rapid Fire Book Tag

Saw this on Little Booky Nook (which is a great bookblog btw ) and wanted to participate ^_^ I’ve been blabbing about writing a lot so far but the case is I do love to read too :} Curled up with kitty and tea~

E-books or physical books?

E-books rule! I can carry around an entire library with me, and my bookshelf never overflows (like my physical one is perpetually doing).

Online or in-store book shopping? 

Mostly online because that’s where e-books come from lol. But I also love to browse in bookstores when I’m not looking for something specific, but just something new to read. It’s always an adventure to pick an attractive book off the shelf, flip through the unknown pages, read a few random passages, then take it home like a new pet ^_^ Then there are no ratings and reviews that could influence the decision and I discover something new and hopefully awesome!

Trilogies or series?

Probably trilogies. Series are fine too until they kind of just continue for the sake of putting out more books… The plot needs to be consistent and relevant, please!

Heroes or villains?

Anti-heroes ;P Thieves, pirates, assassins, monsters~ the shady type of heroes, ya know.

A book you want everyone to read:

Lord of the Rings trilogy of course! 😀 Ok it is actually 3 books. Though, I read the hungarian translation. I hear the original one is difficult because of dense language? Anywayyy read it, people!

Recommend an underrated book:

Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series. Yeah I know it is multiple books again. The first one is His Majesty’s Dragon. Alternate history, fantasy, dragons in the Napoleonic war? Hell yeah~! Again, read it, people!

The last book you finished:

Escape from the Harem by Marie Louise Fischer. Its a german book from 1980, original title is “Flucht aus dem Harem“. I really don’t read romance books that often but I found it on my grandma’s bookshelf and was hooked in minutes. It was so good! It was more of a suspense-romance thing.

Weirdest thing you have used as a bookmark?

Ummmmm…s 😮 Cat’s tail (still attatched to the live cat, before you ask gross questions!) but it was only temporary. I do tend to use regular bookmarks most of the time. Right now I’m all aboard the fad train with the magnetic bookmark 😛

Used books, yes or no?

Nopedinope I’ve got bad experiences,with those. Moths, mites, mould… eek! Plus I like nice new books.

Top 3 favorite genres: 

Fantasy/scifi, historical/alternate historical, thriller/action/military ! *Cheerleads with huge pompoms*

Borrow or buy?

I do like to hoard my own books, but I will occasionally borrow if I see/get offered something really intriguing.

Characters or plot?

A good plot needs good characters. Good characters only thrive in a good plot. Aaaaand *raises finger in preachy way*  none of the two thrive without a well-built world! And the well built world needs characters and plot to make a good book. (I’m a geek about that here and then here and part 3 is coming). So to answer the question, both and more!

Long or short book?

Long, so I can savour it… but also be a good book plz thanks ^~^

Long or short chapters?

I don’t really care as long as it flows, and the pace is not hurried or sluggish.

First 3 books you think of:

Locked On by Tom Clancy (recently read + loved), Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (I’m debating, should I read it? The hype is big but is it good?), Pirates! by Celia Rees (random memory, loved it as a pre-teen)

Books that make you laugh or cry?

Laugh, I don’t like crying.

Our world or fictional world?

I love fictional worlds because it’s really exciting to explore them, but there are really many good books written about our world too! As long as there ~is some well-imaginable world~ , I don’t mind whether I’ve already been in it or not!

Audiobooks yes or no?

No. I like to read in my own voice(s) at my own pace.

Do you ever judge a book by its cover?

*hides shamefully* yes! I usually use the cover as a first impression when browsing, to decide whether I shoud read the blurb or not. Sorry sorry >.>

Book->movie or book->tv adaption?

I really barely watch tv, and really, really rarely even go near a tv series. Movie!

Series or standalone?

I’m really inclined to say standalone because there have been so many series that start well and then after the second or third book just go waaaayyyy downhill and become a filler-fest or an out-there inconsistent mess. I do love a good book series too, tho they seem to be relatively rare, especially as they get longer. My engineering mind has just started thinking up a formula to calculate whether the next book in a series will still be good, based on volume number and rating of previous ones 8)

This was fun :3 to anyone reading this, feel free to do it too, and link back to me, I wanna read your stuff :3 have a nice day~ (and do read LOTR if you havent yet) :3