Believe Your Eyes! #2

Howdy, peeps. Welcome to BYE, a weekly post that will introduce you to a (hopefully) new discovery in the real world ~

Did you know that playing Assassin’s Creed can reduce social anxiety? Yeah.

I used to be really self-conscious about the way I behaved in public. I felt people were staring at me and hardcore judging me. I felt embarassed doing anything in public view that was not 100% socially acceptable: climbing on something, practicing gymnastics or fighting moves, even sprinting for the bus station was absolutely nope.

Then I played Assassin’s Creed.

In the game when you climb on a building and people see you, they start saying stuff like:

“What is that man thinking?!”

“Has he lost his mind?”

“I think I’ve seen everything now.”

and the best ones:

“He’s going to hurt himself. And when he does, I won’t help him!” (…prick)

“God save him! He’s gone mad!”

I still crack up if I hear it or even just imagine it xD Well, to get back to the anxiety thing- I started imagining these voices around me on the street whenever I did something “socially unacceptable” and suddenly I was not embarassed anymore, because I was too preoccupied with sniggering to myself. Eventually I was totally ok even with practicing parkour moves in the park B-]

So yeah, play that game. By all means play the sequels too, especially Black Flag, but definitely play the original one!!! It isn’t new anymore at all, it will run on any decent pc and does not cost much neither. It’s a perfect little work of genious which nobody should miss out on :3

A close runner up in terms of funny npc reactions would be Crysis 3. It’s hilarious to mess with the guards, they get really creeped out eventually as you stealth-stalk your way across the area. :3 I haven’t played the previous installments and I only got it because stealthy archer player character 😀 was a good choice tho :3

Now, please reccommend me other games with funny guards or populations ^_^ and tell me about a game that helped you in real life ^_^



Author: nairama

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