Yawn… Most productive time of day?

Why is it, that every time it is “i really should be going to bed time”, the writing fever gets me, and I end up clattering away on the keyboard until the early hours of dawn?

I can’t seem to help it, the creative juices just seem to start flowing out of nowhere, and the characters mug me, hold a blade to my throat and force me to write… kind of 😛

It does get a little unhelpful with “normal life”, but nothing that cannot be handled. On the other hand, I sometikes wonder where all that productivity is during the day, because, well, I could use it then maybe? Not that I can’t write during the day, but the 11pm + few hours seems to be the sweet spot.

Do any of you have similar experiences? At what time of day do you feel most creative? Would love to heae from you~ ^,,^




Author: nairama

writer, reader, archer, blogger at The Notorious Southernland

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