Believe Your Eyes! #1

Howdy, peeps. Welcome to BYE, a weekly post that will introduce you to a (hopefully) new discovery in the real world ~

I don’t have any proof, but I have a hypothesis that the word “Human” is the single most (over)used songtitle there is. Let me show you what I mean:

  1. “Human” by Christina Perri. Seriously listen to this, she has a gorgeous voice!
  2. “Human” by Gabrielle Aplin. Another really good song + gorgeous voice.
  3. “Human” by Daughter. I love the lyrics.
  4. “Human” by The Killers. Its not too bad, it used to play nonstop in the radio.
  5. “Human” by The Pretenders. A little repetitive but hey, that’s pop music.
  6. “Human” by Oscar Zia. I personally don’t like it that much but it was really popular.
  7. “Human”by Rag’n Bone Man. Uggggh it wont stop playing in the radio and I dislike it. I am not linking it here because it really grinds my gears!

Right now I can’t think of any more, but seriously this is 7 songs with the exact same title.

Can you find another song titled “Human”? Or better yet, can you find another title that has been used more often than this?? Comments please and share away, I’m really curious if anyone comes up with something ^_^


Author: nairama

writer, reader, archer, blogger at The Notorious Southernland

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