This is my response to the “Word Challenge” found here.

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

It was raining hard, a cold, streaming grey curtain hanging from the skyscraper-studded sunset skyline. I stood in a valley; a narrow alley between two flashy hotels, the water streaming though my thick, long hair, down my face, through my clothes and over my skin, a cool embrace I welcomed after this second frantic day I’d had. I was still wearing what I had innocenly picked out of my closet for school yesteday morning. My favorite purple camo pants, and the white hoodie of my volleyball team. They were probably wondering where I was, I ruefully thought.

There was one thing that was different: I had kicked off my shoes somewher along the way. The irritating thud as I placed each step, the nerve-wrecking little creaking noise as I rolled over the balls of my feet had almost driven me insane. I could hear everything so clearly, too clearly now. The raindrops scattering one by one on pavement, trash can lids, umbrellas and lamp posts. The murmur of each car engine, some in the street in front of me, some behind, some miles away, I guessed. A fluttering pamphlet in the wind. A sigh. Breaths, heartbeats all around me, in the densely populated city. I must have been deaf before yesterday. I had been changed.


Heartbeats were haunting me everywhere I went. Mine had stopped almost 24 hours ago.  I don’t remember anything of what happened, except a searing pain in my left wrist, then dizzyness, confusion, blacking out, silence, then… rebirth. There was no better word I could find for it.

But those heartbeats. They kept beckoning. Inviting me, tempting me closer. I had tried to resist for some time this driving thirst that pulled me toward these luscious sounds. I had occupied myself with running through the park in the dead of night, which was now faster than driving. I had then climbed the tallest tower using nothing but the windowframes as flimsy handholds. On some crazy instinct, I then jumped down. The impact left some damage on the concrete sidewalk. I was unscathed and exhilirated.

Now, the distractions wore off, and I decided not to resist anymore. Though I had not yet consciously acknowledged it, on some level I knew what had happened yesterday. As a man, young, blonde and careless, turned into my alley humming an overplayed pop song, I dodged behind a trash can and listened to his approaching footsteps, and irresistably loud and strong signs of life. I closed my eyes waited for his path to converge with the perfect arc of my calculated pounce.

A remaining fragment of my rational human mind tried to scream one last time, but it had already lost the battle to the temptation of his pulse, his breath, his vibrant body heat, still some paces away. My eyes still closed, I could  see, I could almost feel his vulnerable neck and the pulsing artery which I directed my attention to. I waited for him to take one last step, then sprung forward, and time slowed mid-air to endless.

I was a vampire.



Ok so cough cough I cheated because I took 20 minutes. Hope you enjoyed tho?

If you’re reading this, the challenge is yours! Set a stopwatch to 10min, open a blank document, and scribble scribble scribble! Whatever you want! Then no editing!

Your theme is:



Author: nairama

writer, reader, archer, blogger at The Notorious Southernland

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