I don’t remember what the name was, but in the early 2000s there was this educational computer game for small kids that was supposed to teach arithmetics. It involved bowling and there was this traffic light in it, and the three different colours would sing “Howdyyy Hiiii HELLOOOOOOO~” in the most hilarious voices! They would also sing “Green~”or “Orange~” respectively if you clicked them but if you clicked the red one… “REEEED!!!”*shrieking* It was years ago but it really makes me laugh every time I remember it >v< If anyone remembers the name of the game please, share!!!


Howdy Hi Hello this is my first blog post. I don’t plan on making all of them as silly as this one, although you never know 😛 What I *do* plan on writing about in the near future are different stuff about unfurling imagination and creativity! Stuff like:

  • How to start writing a novel (It’s harder than it sounds)
  • How to finish writing said novel! (It’s MUCH easier than it feels like!)
  • How to find a topic for the next one!
  • Bringing characters or worlds to life
  • And so on.

As you noticed, it’s gonna be mostly about writing now, because I myself am immersed in currently the 4th chapter of (the 2nd version of) an exciting, new fantasy novel! 😀 So that means you will probably also read about me hyping about it. Oh well. You’ll survive. In any case, stay tuned and I’m looking forward to sharing future posts with y’all 😀


Author: nairama

writer, reader, archer, blogger at The Notorious Southernland

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